You will usually find me laughing. My hope is to put you at ease, make you feel comfortable, and hopefully share a few laughs with you along the way. {photo credit: Tiffany Joyce Photography}

I fell in love with capturing images when I was 20 years old, taking an elective summertime photography course in college. The camera: My Mom’s old 1970s Canon, complete with a rainbow strap.

I learned to shoot in manual and develop gorgeous black and white images in the darkroom. I loved waiting there in the dark and watching the images transform. I got my own SLR camera when I was 25 and fell in love all over again; this time, with digital. 

That summer I must have taken thousands of photos: of friends getting married, my family, and the stunning Oregon coast where I honeymooned.

Up until the summer of 2015, my photos were purely for fun and mostly of family. My sister jokingly referred to me as her personal photographer. But after she asked me to take family portraits on the beach instead of just candids of day-to-day life, I was surprised to find that I loved the whole process. 

I enjoyed taking the photos and watching my family have fun together. I loved the hours spent poring over each photo, making adjustments on lighting and shadows, and deciding which were standout images and which were not absolutely perfect. 

For me, the photos that tell a story are the moments in between posed shots when you have your guard down, when you aren't worrying if your clothes are straightened out or if the hair is out of your face, but are just living in the moment. That, to me, is what photography is about. 

... So let me capture those small moments for you, because in the end, they tell the best story.