LaPorte Family

Last weekend I photographed a very old family friend and her beautiful family. Laurie grew up on the same street, and was the same age as my oldest sister. Since both of my older sisters spent a lot of time playing at Laurie's house, I, as any good younger sister should, followed them. Probably much to their dismay. :)

I hadn't seen Laurie in years, so it was so fun to see her and meet her husband Tom, and their two little guys. I loved the energy these boys had. They had a lot of fun running all over the park, and I had fun chasing them, taking photos of the fun they had, and sweet moments like when the boys found a caterpillar, and gave it kisses! *heart melt*

We met at the Governor's Estate Park in Easton, MA (my hometown!) on a gorgeous fall day. I'm in love with these fall colors.