Albert Family

Helloooooo! I feel like I've been editing photos foreeeeeever. Now I'm finally crawling out of my photo editing cave to share some with y'all. (Can I say y'all even though I'm really a New Englander? I choose to believe yes. Yes, I can. ) Yay!

Anyway, I got to go back to Colt State Park which is so beautiful in the fall, you guys! My friends Kate and Nathan wanted me to take one-year photos of their adorable son Foster. And when I say adorable, I mean, a-freaking-dorable. You'll see. This little man is so cute, and it was so fun to capture the many faces of Foster. We spent about half the shoot focusing on Foster, and then family photos for the other half. 

I think these will make for some pretty cute Christmas cards.

Also, tangent -- Christmas!! I'm so excited. This meme is my life right now. Who's with me?

OK, back to the Alberts. Here are some of my favs.