And Mackenzie Makes Three

My dear friends recently welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world: Mackenzie Rae. This pretty lil' lady also happens to be my goddaughter, so I'm especially proud. I was very excited to take photos of this beautiful family, and I had dreams of Mackenzie perfectly posed with props and cute toys and fuzzy blankets. Basically I was going to Anne Geddes the sh** out of this photo shoot. 

Alright, so, it didn't quite turn out that way. What I realized is that a) it's really, really difficult to get a newborn baby to do anything you want, and b) it turns out those beautiful posed newborn pictures aren't really my style. But I have major respect for the newborn photographers who can make these sweet babes pose and look angelic. It's just not my thing. 

So what is my style? I found that I love pictures of the family together, and I love the moments that aren't the "traditional" posed photos. The moments when they are just doing their thing, and I am like a fly on the wall getting to witness life together as a new family, Jess and Kevin beautifully working together to figure out this parenting thing. And they are amazing parents to this lucky girl. 

This newborn session was a HUGE learning opportunity for me. I learned a lot about newborns and I learned about myself and my style. Although I was frustrated with myself for much of the shoot, I got some really nice photos out of it all. And most importantly, my friends were happy with the finished photos.