The Sturdys

I met Alicia and Andrew in college, but didn't really get to know them until years later when I was in grad school with Andrew, and we all lived in the same apartment building. I have great memories of one Easter dinner at the Sturdys' apartment, cooking together, eating a great meal with friends, and of course laughing, a lot. As we do. Fast forward a few years, and all of us ended up out of Chicago, and on the East Coast. Now, sadly, the Sturdys have moved back to the Midwest. We miss them! Thankfully, their East Coast ties are strong, and they return in the summer to visit lil' Warren, Rhode Island, where we live. 

The Sturdys came to visit RI recently, and I was so happy to take their photos that a small miracle happened: I woke up before dawn in order to capture the gorgeous lighting of sunrise over Mt. Hope Bay in Touisset Point. 

So pretty, although I couldn't believe how fast that sun shot up and the beautiful dawn light quickly turned to bright orange, hot on our faces, squinty-eye light. 

Andrew and Alicia's sweet little girl Stella was not exactly pleased about being awoken from her slumber to have a camera pointed at her. But we got some nice photos nonetheless. 

So good to see you, Sturdys! Thanks for being my models.