Golden Hour Love

If you schedule photos with me, you will find that my favorite time for photos is about an hour before sunset. Why? Because of the following photos. I am obsessed with the "golden hour" as they call it. And I was not let down on this gorgeous night at Colt State Park in Bristol. Sunset was at 7:15 and we got to the park at 6:15 with plenty of time for photos. The lighting was amazing, the clouds were amazing, and the sunset was perfect. Insert heart-eye emoji here. 

Annetta and Ross wanted photos as a family of three with their sweet son Asher before their next little one arrives. We had fun roaming around Colt State Park, which apparently was photo shoot central that night because we saw three other sessions taking place while we were there. It is the perfect spot for family photos, senior photos, engagement, portraits... This was my first time doing a shoot here and it will definitely be at the top of my recommendations for clients in the future. I <3 Rhode Island.