Hope & Main Lobster Boil

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph a very cool event at a very cool local nonprofit. I might be biased because my husband works there, but even before he started with the organization this Spring, we were both big fans of Hope & Main. It is such an important part of our community. Here's a little background info, from H&M's website:

Hope & Main is Rhode Island’s first culinary business incubator. We help local entrepreneurs jump-start early-stage food companies and food related businesses by providing low cost, low risk access to shared-use commercial kitchens and other industry-specific technical resources. Our goal is to help grow the local food economy by creating a community of support for food entrepreneurs and cultivating an environment where emerging culinary startups can test, create, scale and thrive.

Check them out! In addition to offering kitchen space and resources for startup businesses, H&M is always offering different classes (I took sushi-making with my husband -- so fun!) and events open to the public.

{https://makefoodyourbusiness.org/} {https://www.facebook.com/HopeandMain}