Atwood Family

Two-and-a-half years ago, after first moving to Rhode Island, the Atwoods became our first good friends. Matt and Sarah invited us to dinner a few nights after we moved in, and we were fast friends. Feels like we've been friends for much longer than we have, because they are the kind of great friends that you can count on, that you can trust, that you can be yourself with, and that we can laugh so hard we cry with. 

So I was so happy to be able to take photos of my dear friends and their beautiful children, Jude and Cora. The Atwoods braved a cold and blustery day that should have been a beautiful early spring day. Thank you, Atwood family, for putting up with the cold weather. 

As you can see, despite the cold, the kids were troupers, enjoyed their very first Del's of the season, and I think even had a little bit of fun. 


And Mackenzie Makes Three

My dear friends recently welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world: Mackenzie Rae. This pretty lil' lady also happens to be my goddaughter, so I'm especially proud. I was very excited to take photos of this beautiful family, and I had dreams of Mackenzie perfectly posed with props and cute toys and fuzzy blankets. Basically I was going to Anne Geddes the sh** out of this photo shoot. 

Alright, so, it didn't quite turn out that way. What I realized is that a) it's really, really difficult to get a newborn baby to do anything you want, and b) it turns out those beautiful posed newborn pictures aren't really my style. But I have major respect for the newborn photographers who can make these sweet babes pose and look angelic. It's just not my thing. 

So what is my style? I found that I love pictures of the family together, and I love the moments that aren't the "traditional" posed photos. The moments when they are just doing their thing, and I am like a fly on the wall getting to witness life together as a new family, Jess and Kevin beautifully working together to figure out this parenting thing. And they are amazing parents to this lucky girl. 

This newborn session was a HUGE learning opportunity for me. I learned a lot about newborns and I learned about myself and my style. Although I was frustrated with myself for much of the shoot, I got some really nice photos out of it all. And most importantly, my friends were happy with the finished photos. 

Foray into Family Portraits

Throwin' it back to my first "official" photo shoot: my sister and her gorgeous family. I mean, c'mon, could I have more beautiful subjects? 

I shot on Cape Cod on a cloudy day, which happened to provide the most delicious lighting. It could not have been more perfect. 

Smiles and laughs courtesy of my husband telling bad jokes in the background. :)